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Time and Stress Management

Deadlines looming?

School work, projects, exams….. trying to fit everything in AND have a life too? 

Time and stress management

When it comes to work planning and time management, are you a “work first, fun later” or a ”” kind of student?  

Are you someone who thinks they do their best revising in the middle of the night?  (Here’s a tip – no-one does!) 

We help you discover what type of learner and planner you are and how to make the right type of plans to suit YOU.  And we’ll look at tips and techniques to help you operate at YOUR best efficiency levels.

What about distractions?  Phones ringing, texts, emails, shops, parties, Facebook and Twitter calling – we’ll look at when distractions are good to unblock the brain and when they’re BAD!

We help you with stress-busting – what works for you?  Coffee?  Music?  Chocolate?  Pizza?
We’ll show you which ones are best for your system to thrive and really keep you going on top form….

Whatever you’re doing,
however disorganised your schedule,
whatever else you forget to do –
make sure you don’t miss the essential

Mastery of Time and Stress:
“Plan better – work smarter – chill for longer – get SORTED” workshop that the experts from School Dynamics
are coming in to run for YOU!

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The Year 13 students at The Misbourne School in Great Missenden enjoyed their session – see below

 Misbourne college testimonial