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Real Finance

Real-Life Personal Finance Workshops

We offer a range of personal finance workshops customised to different age groups, including Real-Life Finance courses aimed at Years 10-13 and Money Management and Mini-Enterprise programmes aimed at Years 6-9.

For your students in Years 10-13, School Dynamics’ Real-Life Finance workshops are practical, fact-filled workshops – we don’t focus on any ‘finance games’ for this age group because students are telling us they want information, knowledge and guidance, not games… So our workshops have been designed using extensive feedback from students to make sure we are giving them what they need to know!

The workshops follow a logical sequence, starting with “The here and now”, addressing the financial concerns that affect your students right now, moving on to “Next steps” how they plan and budget for when they leave school to go to uni, travelling, technical training or work, fending for themselves with accommodation and domestic finance issues for the first time and exploring the world of work and taxes…. Then Part 3 of the programme looks at “Financial Futures” – mortgages, pensions, longer-term budget planning.

All workshops are packed full of practical examples, hints and tips from past students and lists of where to go to for further information and guidance.  The programme is flexible and can be customised to suit the needs of your timetable, running as half-day or full-day workshops or as individual 45-minute or one-hour sessions over a term or two terms.

Money makes the world go round – the programme for younger students

At an age where pupils are not just managing pocket money but are also out shopping, managing mobile phone contracts and their own savings and bank accounts, how much do they really understand about money? Our financial awareness programmes introduce children to the skills, knowledge and understanding which cover the financial capability part of the PSHE syllabus.

Our full programme delivers 14 sessions including a series of “Money Modules” and a Mini-Enterprise project, both of which can be delivered as standalone separate courses if you prefer.  The full programme matches the DfE guidance on financial capability in the curriculum, covering the four key objectives:
Exploring career and personal finance
Exploring capability and personal finance
Exploring risk and personal finance
Exploring economic understanding and personal finance

The programme also fulfils the “economic wellbeing” outcome of the “Every Child Matters” agenda.

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