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School Dynamics
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The School Dynamics team of experienced educationalists and business people supports and develops school and college students, staff, management and leadership teams, business managers and marketing teams.

Staff teams

For school and college staff and leadership teams there is a range of School Dynamics individual and team coaching, mentoring and development programmes. All programmes are customised to your staff specific development needs by our educationalist and business specialists.
The main portfolio of programmes includes:

  • Leadership training workshops, half-day or full day
  • Individual Head Teacher, Deputy Head and Head of Year coaching
  • Developing senior management teams and optimising school leadership: team workshops and coaching
  • Effective Team Member Skills training, one-day or half-day programmes
  • 3 days: ILM Level 2 Award Effective Team Member Skills programme
  • Group team skills coaching
  • Group leadership workshop for Heads of year
  • Individual or group leadership coaching for newly promoted staff
  • 1 day: Workshop: identifying and managing conflict
  • 1 day: Introduction to Leadership

Contact the School Dynamics team on 020 8582 2513 or send an enquiry through the Contact Us page and we can set up an initial confidential discussion about the development and support requirements for your staff.

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