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The School Dynamics team of experienced educationalists and business people supports and develops school and college students, staff, management and leadership teams, business managers and marketing teams.


The Schools Dynamics business advisory and marketing team has extensive experience of marketing and promotional programmes and a detailed understanding of the education sector and how schools go to market.  Our Schools Marketing and Communications programme helps you assess your marketing and promotional material and devise and implement a media and communications programme tailored to your regional, demographic and competitive requirements. 

Key elements of the programme include:     

  • Assessing your school’s position in the community and local region, including the historical perspective and demographic influences
  • Assessing the style, impact, quality and content of your school’s existing marketing and media communications, including brochures, prospectuses, news releases, communications to parents, web sites   
  • SWOT analysis of your school and competitors
  • Reviewing parents’ perceptions 
  • Identifying and measuring impact of school differentiators
  • Media assessment: local/regional/national, parental interests, industry profiling, media and community relationships.

Creative design to make your school stand out – the Fusion marketing team

School branding, prospectuses, newsletters and websites have to look good, deliver the right impression and contain all the key information that sells and promotes your school in the best way – these materials are your shop window after all. You might be fortunate enough to have someone in-house with the right skills but if not where do you go for help you can trust?

School Dynamics has skilled partners who work with us to deliver great value for schools. Fusion Creative Marketing is a friendly and experienced team of design and production professionals who understand all aspects of schools marketing.  The Fusion team will make sure your school has the marketing you need to stand out.  From creating your strategy to delivering individual elements of it, assisting or training your own marketing staff, Fusion can deliver exactly the levels of support and guidance your school needs.  As we understand the needs of schools we know your budget is likely to be limited so our proposals will be affordable, excellent value for money and completely tailored to the needs of your school in your region.

For an initial confidential discussion about your school’s marketing and communications requirements, talk to the School Dynamics team on 020 8582 2513 or send us a confidential enquiry through our Contact page. 

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Jemma March 2015