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The School Dynamics team of experienced educationalists and business people supports and develops school and college students, staff, management and leadership teams, business managers and marketing teams.


Schoolroomplus connects schools and colleges that need more space to be Covid-19 safe, with local companies and organisations that can make space available.

School Dynamics launched Schoolroomplus to help connect all the organisations that can support schools and colleges in finding, equipping and fitting-out the additional facilities they need.

Our team includes school experts, facilities managers, construction companies, contracts managers and property experts that can give advice and practical support in all the activities required.

Many companies close to schools will be able to offer buildings, floors in buildings, car park space, conference and meeting rooms, theatre and lecture space. Local cinemas, theatres and other cultural organisations may wish to offer space for sixth form colleges and universities to run lessons, lectures and seminars with all the washing and catering space available too. They just may not know how to go about it: how to offer the space, how it would need to be organised and arranged to make it compliant, how contracts could be set up etc.

Wealthier companies may be able to make space available free as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility offering. For other companies unable to use or afford their current office or retail space, making it available to schools and colleges nearby could be a financial lifeline in the short or much longer term. Whatever the arrangement needed, it can all be done – it just needs the people to get it moving. That’s why we set up schoolroomplus – to connect those who need with those who can!

So join the conversation – if you need space and help or can offer your skills – voluntary or chargeable – schoolroomplus wants to hear from you.