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School Dynamics
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The School Dynamics team of experienced educationalists and business people supports and develops school and college students, staff, management and leadership teams, business managers and marketing teams.


School Dynamics student leadership programmes include:

  • Introduction to Leadership for Prefects: half-day or one full day
  • 2 days: Leadership Training
  • 2 days: Teamwork Training
  • 1 day: Introduction to Teamwork
  • 1 day: Introduction to Leadership
  • Your impact: confidence-building and presentation skills

Leadership challenge projects
We also have a range of facilitated leadership challenge projects that would be tailored to your particular environment and can run across one or even two terms.  These have included helping your students to plan, manage and run a full-day, half-day or single event, perhaps involving a local community support project too.  As these programmes tend to need more time to develop, they are most suitable for Lower Sixth or for 11-13-year-olds either about to join the senior school or in the final years of prep school.  Key elements of the programme, fully tailored to the age of the participants, are as follows: 

  • Students learn the theory and practical application of leadership, management and project management, incorporating a range of best practice tools and techniques.
  • Students determine the format and content of their leadership or community event, within certain boundaries – primarily of course legal and health & safety requirements, but also making sure that the activity retains strong educational content  
  • Our expert facilitators, with extensive experience of business and leadership development, coach and mentor your students throughout, helping them brainstorm, plan, market, promote, communicate and deliver their event
  • In a targeted debrief day after the event, pupils explore what they learned collectively and individually, revisiting the theory and application of leadership and teamwork
  • Through practical exercises, students review their own personal performance against the theory and derive a personal action plan to enhance their own leadership skills.

While your staff can participate in the project if they wish, it is designed to run with no impact to staff workload
Costs are flexible and tailored directly to your school budget.

Student leadership programmes from School Dynamics: delivering you a strong differentiator in leadership training and development.

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