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The School Dynamics team of experienced educationalists and business people supports and develops school and college students, staff, management and leadership teams, business managers and marketing teams.

Cyber bullying

Our new programmes address all the issues surrounding cyber bullying and how to protect your students.  

We recognise fully the enormous impact of cyber bullying on impressionable youngsters and we see at first hand in our schools the great efforts that teaching and pastoral staff make to help and support pupils affected.  While rapid identification and resolution are clearly important, we also know you want to focus on prevention and minimising the risks so that your students can use IT services safely in your school environment.

With a range of expert partners and run in conjunction with our Social Media programmes for students, staff, school governors and parents, whatever you need to know about the latest tools, techniques and tips to identify, counter and prevent cyber bullying, our specialist team can help.  We help students understand where and how they put themselves at risk and work with school staff to develop and propagate safe-use procedures.

Our cyber bullying workshops can be run in tutor periods or PSHE periods for students or as 2-3 hour workshops to suit your timetable, together with our Social Media training that teaches responsible use of social media platforms.  

Guidance sessions for staff can be delivered in one-hour after-school sessions where needed and to Governors’ and PTA meetings.