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The School Dynamics team of experienced educationalists and business people supports and develops school and college students, staff, management and leadership teams, business managers and marketing teams.

Business Writing Skills

Introduction to Business Writing  

 For Sixth Formers: learn how to transfer your essay writing skills into great business writing….
In the world of work, companies produce all kinds of written documents – from client letters and presentations to adverts, briefing documents, newsletters, management reports and website updates.  To engage with different target audiences, and achieve the desired results, each type of document needs a slightly different approach depending on who will be reading it!  The skills Sixth Formers will already have gained from writing essays are a strong foundation for business writing but do need to be developed to suit the business environment. 

That’s where School Dynamics comes in.
Our team includes writing experts who between us have written just about every kind of business document you can imagine. So our creative and informative workshops can help all Sixth Formers develop and enhance their writing skills by learning:

  • How to get started with business documents – write for your reader/right for your reader!
  • The best approach for different document types
  • What to say – and where to find inspiration:
  • Read all about it! (Writing fabulous headlines….)
  • How to draw in your reader and keep their interest
  • How to structure your document so it flows logically
  • Using the right language: maintaining the corporate branding and ‘voice’
  • Creating professional but stylish layouts (with lots of design tips including typefaces).

During the workshop, students will have plenty of opportunity to practise new skills and seek individual help and guidance – and everyone is given lists of tips and recommendations to take away.

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