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Breakfast Matters!

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We are seeing far too many school students,  especially Sixth Formers, slumped on desks mid-morning – and that’s before we start our session, so we know it’s not our jokes sending them to sleep!

Too many students are telling us they’re coming to school without breakfast – some even without a drink…. we know you’re short of time and that it takes all your energy just to get out of bed for school, but you DO need some food to start your brain working….

Too many students simply don’t know what’s good to eat to help them concentrate and stay alert during the day, or even to get to the first break….and we know from your breakfast survey results that you do appreciate some help, guidance and reminders as to what might be good to eat.  School Dynamics will bring a Breakfast Briefing to your school, for staff, students, catering teams, parents, governors, wherever and whenever you need.

   Breakfast Boy

Time for us to help everyone  Love Breakfast!  Our fabulous breakfast characters are here, leading our campaign, and you can use them on your own school web sites and any campaign we work on in your schools.  

A big thank you to the terrific cartoonist Robert Duncan at for designing our characters.

Watch this space for more details of the campaign we are launching in conjunction with School Speakers and the new Breakfast Briefings coming to YOUR region….

Article below reproduced with permission from the Harrow Observer Group – thank you !